The Book

At some point in their lives, many women may question who they are meant to be or their purpose in life. While struggling with identity, women are often surrounded by messages telling them who they should be or what they should believe in based on the thoughts and opinions of others. But this is not who God says we are, and the world’s values are not up to God’s standards or what He expects of us.

In a thirty-one day devotional, Christian life coach and mentor, Dr. Robin Revis Pyke, leads women down an introspective path of self-discovery inspired by lasting biblical truths. While encouraging women to embrace God’s Word and promises, she offers daily inspiration that guides overwhelmed female souls to understand their true identity in Christ through a powerful message of hope that we are all loved, accepted, and chosen. Included are reflection and study questions that can also be utilized as journal prompts.

Your Identity in Christ is a thirty-one day devotional that takes women on a spiritual journey to understand and embrace their identities as beautiful, valuable daughters of God.