This devotional is such an inspiration and encouragement that is filled with Bible based reminders of identity truth and empowerment. It’s eye-opening. LOVED this book! It is a great resource if you are a new believer in Christ or if you have been following Jesus for years but need a reminder of who you are in Him. I’ve noticed a shift in myself after reading this devotional and answering questions provided for each day. It’s like re-discovering your God given power and authority. This is definitely a book to read and read again. Highly recommend it! Thank you Robin for writing this powerful and empowering devotional!


—Daria DiCieli

This book is very much needed in this secular and materialistic world where people are often tempted to base their identity on things other than God. By basing one’s sense of worth on money, fame or success, one is often brought into a sense of frustration. There will always be a comparison with other people and the tendency is either to look down on yourself or to see other people as being beneath you.


With the book’s thirty-one days of committed reading, one can slowly realize the true basis of a person’s value. With each day’s topic, relevant Bible verse and questions at the end of the chapter to prompt reflection, one can make a change in one’s perspective in life.


Although any person can benefit from reading this book, however, it is especially meant for women who need to anchor their identities in Christ. It is a book that can prompt the beginning of a deeper relationship with God. It is a book that can also initiate a sense of healing from past wounds in life.


I recommend this book to women who want to have a renewed sense of purpose. Rediscover or discover for the first time your true worth in the eyes of God.


—Jocelyn Soriano